About Us

John Lackey is a native of Lexington and is the owner of Homegrown Press, located at Luigart Gallery Studios, 110 Luigart Lane.

Homegrown Press will be celebrating 30 years of existence in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

A printmaker, painter, author and musician, John has a passion to create art with a focus on the hidden balance and structure within the anarchy (and vice versa).  He has also designed many logos, murals, posters and wood engravings for, among others, Wilco, Holler Poets Series, Alfalfa Restaurant, Larkspur Press, Kroger, the Kentucky Chamber, Kentucky Arts Council and many Kentucky authors.

John also serves on the boards of VIA Creative and the Kentucky Writers and Artists for Reforestation. He lives in Lexington with, and is made possible by, his wife Jenny and their dog, Andy (Pumpernickel).